Four Globally Renowned Non-Government Organizations

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Ranging from relief of disaster to hunger there are a set of humans dedicated to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others working with organizations. These organizations are mainly fuelled by the want to spread peace and bring equilibrium to human rights. And they are mostly engaged in volunteer work to reach out to those who are in need of assistance across the world where there is little to no resources needed. One of the well-known charity work group among the global community is “Action Against Hunger” is a community which focuses mainly on the fight against hunger they have branched out their charity donation Hong Kong projects in 50 countries for the past decade in the field. They flee and reach out to people who are affected by scarcity of resources related to food and they visit both during war and post war times. They also aim at helping communities to learn how to self-develop so that in future they can assist the growth of their children. Having a good rating on charity navigator for ten years in a row. And also, have a grading A rating on charity watch. Honoured as the “best in America seal” by the independent charities in America.

The next group in discussion is mainly a Christian focused community and their mission is to help families and children to overcome and meet the full potential by overcoming the obstacles of injustice and poverty. “World Mission” has branched out to many in need from several different countries and they continuously seek the donation from able bodies to assist children reach their best potential through transformational development, they provide emergency relief to communities affected by post war affliction. Help spread awareness of justice to bring about change differential treatment among the working community.

“World Medical Relief” as the name suggests is a group of people committed to bring about the necessary attention towards the betterment of medically affected communities around the world. Their projects include shipping out necessary medical tools and drugs to countries in need and they have had the help from many volunteers and have successfully completed projects related to medicine. They have also been awarded the best rating on charity navigator.

“Save The Children” is a foundation mainly focused on building and raising the quality of life of children in countries that have no access to better life development resources. They are mostly based in the united states but also reach out to people from across the globe, started in 1932 they have managed to remain and grow their community and help over 60+ countries and they have a panel of celebrity sponsors who believe in their commitment and mission towards a better tomorrow for humanity.